Continuing Professional Development

To maintain certification individuals are required to participate in a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme, earning Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits in accordance with defined standards.

It ensures that those who hold APMP certification demonstrate ongoing commitment to professional growth and development, a criterion of all professional organisations.

CEUs can be gained by certified individuals through obtaining and developing a wide range of knowledge, skills and experience, which are not normally acquired during initial training or routine work and which together develop and maintain competence to practice.

For example, CEUs are gained by attending (or indeed presenting at) APMP UK chapter meetings and the annual conference or through contributing to the success of APMP UK in any other recognised and valued manner.

CEUs are collected over a two-year timeframe.  Foundation level requires a total of 20 units to be collected whilst Practitioner and Professional levels require 40 units.

For information on CEU guidelines please visit the our parent organisation's site for more information on CEU's   Here


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