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Hints and Tips for Successful Bidding - 9th May - Manchester

Chris Hopkins and Andrew Brookes, Bid Managers within the Aviva Life Bids & Tenders team, will facilitate a group session looking to discuss a range of topics when bidding. Some of the topics they will cover include:

  • Working effectively with stakeholders
  • The importance of pre-proposal planning
  • Getting the best out of the review process
  • Knowledge management best practice

Collaborative Proposal Production Enabled by Cloud Technologies - 10th May - Chippenham

In this session, Andrew Moore, Bid Director, will provide an insight into the challenges and opportunities that a cloud-based collaboration environment can bring to bid management. We will look at a range of topics including:

  • What collaborative tools are available in cloud-based environments such as Microsoft Office 365. How can they support proposal production?
  • Winning hearts and minds. How to get people engaged and collaborating effectively?
  • Going beyond document libraries - revealing the hidden power of lists
  • Tackling the thorny issue of security - pragmatically
  • Common pitfalls to avoid when implementing a collaborative bid management solution
  • A glimpse of the future. What is coming down the road from technology vendors that could help bid managers?

The State of the Nation - Benchmarking Scotland's bid and proposal capabilities - 17/05/17

Come and join us for this unique event, during which the Scottish work winning community will have a chance to benchmark its bid and proposal capabilities – in real time.

You’ll get the chance to see how you rate compared to your peers. You’ll get validation of the areas in which you’re already applying best practice. And you’ll see things you could do to sharpen your organisation’s proposal capabilities. We’ll also – perhaps provocatively – look at the average Scottish score compared to international averages!

The session will use an innovative new tool – the Proposal BenchmarkerTM – launched this spring to mark Strategic Proposals’ 30th anniversary. Participants will assess their capabilities during the workshop using the structured questionnaire, facilitated by an award-winning presenter. And after the event, those who attend will be sent a personalised report summarising and making recommendations based on their self-assessment findings, compared to the overall Scottish survey group.

This really is a must-attend event for anyone interested in assessing and improving their approach to retaining and winning business.


We'd like to thank you for attending ... - 18th May - Birmingham

Attend this workshop session and you’ll take away some ideas and skills on how to improve your approach to designing, reviewing and contributing to Executive Summaries.

It will take 45 minutes of your time in return for improved satisfaction with your content and a clearer approach to the art of appeal.

Book early to avoid disappointment and bring along your successes, failures or bugbears to participate in this free session.


APMP UK One-Day Symposium - 6th June 2017 - Manchester

APMP UK's second one-day Symposium 'Success before Submission' includes a wide range of speakers and breakout sessions, sharing tips and techniques that will enable you to think and work differently, and maximise your chances of bid success before the button is pressed.

With the bidding industry becoming ever more competitive and customers increasingly demanding, it is critical that we keep on learning and thinking of better and more efficient ways of winning future business.  This one-day symposium will take you out of the work silo, providing time and space to learn from some of the industry’s thought leaders.

The day will focus on: 

  • Capture Planning - how to position your company in front of your customer
  • Bid Planning - how to use capture information to generate compelling bids

Actions you can take to make our APMP UK events even better

Events nationwide are organised by APMP UK members who volunteer their time to organise our monthly events (while being full time bid professionals and having families).

This includes sourcing and organising speakers, venues, ongoing promotion, administration and catering.

You can now help the events team in any of the following ways:

  • Let us know if you are unable to attend an event for which you have registered. Consistently, about 40% who register are ‘no shows’. This impacts catering costs, creating name badges and importantly prevents people on the waiting list from attending. 

    We are all involved in the bidding and proposals industry and fully understand that our schedules change by the minute. We ask that you do your best to tell us if you can’t attend.
  • Can you, or anyone you know assist in identifying a potential free of charge venue? In the south we accommodate between 50 and 150 people. Elsewhere these numbers are 20 – 50 and with your support, attendance will increase. We need venues in all areas of the country.
  • Could you speak at an event or have you seen a speaker you feel would benefit APMP UK members? If so, please tell us.

If increasing the frequency and coverage nationwide of monthly events is important to you, can you help with organising them?

All aspects of organising events are given comprehensive assistance, guidance and support. You will be part of a smaller local team with wider input and backup.

We currently have about 10 event volunteers around the UK. As the second largest APMP chapter worldwide, we would like to spread the workload, expand our coverage and bring meaningful quality events to our members in all areas.


  • What’s in it for me?  This is an opportunity to learn, network with your peers, contribute to the APMP UK chapter and raise your profile within the profession.
  • What benefit is there in providing the venue?  Increase recognition and awareness of your company or organisation and what it does. Demonstrate that you value professionalism and raise perception of a desirable workplace.
  • What if I want to help but can’t commit?  We welcome and value even sporadic assistance with events!
  • What skills do I need (what do I need) to help organise an event?  There are a number of useful skills required, including writing interesting event descriptions, IT skills, organisational expertise, venue liaison and administration.
  • What if I offer to help and it doesn’t work out for me?  No problem – we will appreciate you having made the effort!


Presentation slides and member reviews from many of our previous meetings and conferences are available here:

Past Events




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    Today is the last day of National Apprenticeship Week.  We hope you’ve enjoyed the insights we’ve shared across social media this week from experienced bid and proposal apprentices, and their employer.  If you missed it, you can catch up on what Charlotte, Vicky and Frank had to say. 

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    It’s Day 4 of National Apprenticeship Week, and today we hear from Vicky Coleman, a Proposal Manager within NG Bailey’s Engineering Services division.

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    It’s National Apprenticeship Week, and an anticipation of the launch of the APMP UK Chapter’s first Bid and Proposal Coordinator Apprenticeship later in 2017, this week we are sharing insights from individuals and businesses who have already taken part in a similar scheme in the bid industry.

    National Apprenticeship Week 2017: The Employers Perspective

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    It’s Day 2 of National Apprenticeship Week, and in line with this year’s theme “Ladder of opportunity”, we caught up with Charlotte Rees, a Bid Manager at NG Bailey, to hear about the opportunities which have opened up as a result of her completing a Bid & Proposal Apprenticeship.

    National Apprenticeship Week 2017: Meet Charlotte

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    It’s National Apprenticeship Week, and what better week to update our APMP UK Members with the progress being made with the development of a brand-new Bid and Proposal Coordinator Apprenticeship.

    Happy National Apprenticeship Week 2017 from APMP UK