"Mentoring is proven to benefit both Mentors and Mentees"

David Melcher - CEO Excelis in the Harvard Business Review

Mentoring exists in parallel to assist the mentees to fulfil their potential in the world of proposal management through recognition by certification and the sharing of ideas and experiences. Mentoring is not a replacement for a training programme.

Benefits to you of being mentored

  • Career advancement
  • Personal support
  • Learning and development
  • Increased confidence
  • Development of professional relationships


Benefits to you of being a mentor

  • Personal fulfilment
  • Career rewards deriving from better visibility in the industry
  • Increased confidence
  • Revitalised interest in the association and profession
  • Development of professional relationships


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Certification mentors are typically experienced bid and proposal management professionals in the UK who can offer support and guidance on achieving the next steps in certification.
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We carefully pair mentors and mentees to ensure both get the most from the relationship

We pair people up based on the following criteria:

  • APMP members in the UK
  • Present Mentee’s APMP certification level
  • Desired outcomes
  • Experience to date
  • Availability of mentors to take further mentees Industry specificity - if requested by mentee

In order to help us do this, we’ll ask a few questions about your preferences, then our coordinator will be in touch by email or phone to talk through the next steps. Mentees can usually expect to be contacted within a few days. Then introduced to a mentor that matches their needs most closely


What’s in it for mentees? The opportunity to:

  • Talk to someone already certified who can give them an unbiased view on their progress toward certification
  • Get advice on how to approach the next steps in their professional development toward certification
  • Progress through the APMP certification route with support from someone who has already done this instead of having to do it in isolation
  • Get to know other certified members of APMP and fellow mentees
  • Build confidence in one's ability to achieve the next level of certification
  • Discuss and gain understanding of real examples showing how others apply APMP best practices to their own industries / contexts.


What’s in it for mentors? The opportunity to:

  • Re-examine their own thinking and professional practices
  • Being instrumental in helping mentees to achieve the next level of certification and make the most of their talents
  • Raise their profile within APMP
  • Earn CEUs and maintain their own certification
  • Build additional skills as a facilitator
  • Gain insights into other organisations/working practices
  • Make new friends

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Our expectations help to deliver your expectations

Mentors should:

  • Expect to dedicate a minimum of two years to the mentoring programme
  • Be prepared to spend time in one to one sessions with mentee
  • Respect mentees level of experience in the certification process
  • Give encouragement /feedback
  • Share experiences or best practice from others
  • Listen to concerns and suggest ways around them
  • Encourage mentees to keep to their own target schedule for certification
  • Attend the APMP induction training


Mentees should

  • Arrange sessions with mentor and stick to schedule (sessions can be conducted face to face, by email, webinar, telephone etc. - if face to face, meetings should be arranged in a neutral venue to encourage more open communication)
  • Be willing to share concerns and be open to feedback

Bear in mind that this is on a voluntary basis

Mentors will get a record of attendance for their induction programme (counting also towards CEUs).  At the end of the period of mentoring whether there is a certification or not to be debated further.

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Success stories

  • Official .. I have passed.,  Thanks very much for your help-  Sabetta Shanley
  • Thanks so much for all your help on the day, was very much appreciated. – Tom Wicks
  • I just wanted to inform you that I achieved the APMP Practitioner Level of Certification. Thank you for your help and support along the way - Justin Frew

Find a mentor  Become a mentor

Here’s how it works

How do I find a mentor?

Send an email to mentor@apmpuk.co.uk. The mentor coordinator will contact you and match you with a mentor.

What will my mentor do?

Mentors provide support on a volunteer basis and are busy people like everyone else. They are not expected to provide training; rather they are there to share their knowledge of how to prepare for the Practitioner Certification. They help mentees by giving feedback on ongoing work for the assessment as well as answering any questions their mentee may have.

Mentors help by listening to their mentee’s concerns, reviewing their portfolio and by providing encouragement.

What is expected of me?

Mentees understand and respect the mentor’s time and availability and appreciate their feedback. The relationship is most valuable when expectations on both parts are set from the beginning so it helps if the mentee and mentor agree how often and in which format the support takes place (email, telephone etc.).  

Mentees should be prepared to:-:

  • Arrange sessions with mentor and stick to schedule (sessions can be conducted face to face, by email, webinar, telephone etc. - if face to face, meetings should be arranged in a neutral venue to encourage more open communication)
  • Be willing to share concerns and be open to feedback
  • Bear in mind that this is on a voluntary basis



Find a mentor  Become a mentor

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  • The APMP UK Board would like to invite you to submit questions to the Chair, for discussion at our Board Workshops which take place throughout the year.  Please see this link for the dates.  Please email your questions to chair@apmpuk.co.uk

    Opportunity to submit questions to the Board

  • The APMP UK Chapter is pleased to welcome Jon Darby as its new Chapter Chair.

    Jon has over 20 years of business winning experience in the ICT, defence, police, rail and logistics markets with a track record of winning multi £m bids in the public and private sectors. Jon is experienced at leading opportunities through all stages of the bid campaign and has led global bid teams from Italy, Germany, Netherlands to the US. Jon is a certified proposal professional and has served on the APMP UK board as Marketing & PR Director and COO since 2012.

    FINAL PRESS RELEASE 18th January 2018 Appointment of new UK Chapter Chair

  • The APMP UK Chapter is pleased to announce the election of Jon Darby as its new Chief Operating Officer for 2017, following which he will succeed Amanda Nuttall as CEO following completion of her term in January 2018. 


    FINAL PRESS RELEASE 5TH OCTOBER 2017: Appointment of new Chief Operating Officer

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