Angela Fraser

CF.APMP - Chief Marketing Officer

CF APMP - Chief Marketing Officer 

Within APMP UK, Angela is proud to be part of the team that is the board to deliver the strategic aims of APMP UK through engaging and focused communications that speak meaningfully to our members, promoting what APMP UK offers, growing our visibility and reach throughout the Bidding and Capture community and beyond.

Angela is driven by helping, mentoring and coaching Bid and Capture professionals to grow and enjoy their work and excel in their career. She challenges the status quo, and continually champions for the recognition of the skills and professionalism of the discipline that is “Bidding and Capture”, as well as promoting appreciation for the wonderful people who are proud to work in our arena.

Having a long history with Bidding and Capture totalling almost 30 years’ experience, across 7 major Corporates as well as helping smaller niche companies build, develop and refine their Bidding capability, Angela has an enviable breadth and depth of experience - she has built up from initial tentative baby steps up to winning “big and complex”, including winning some unique “out of gauge” opportunities where there is no “blueprint” from which to start.

Angela also has a keen sense of humour – essential in the Bidding and Capture world I think!

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