Now's your chance to be mentored!
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The APMP UK Rapport Mentoring programme is now available!
We are hugely excited to announce that the APMP UK Rapport Mentoring programme is now live! 

This week, 10 volunteers were trained to Mentoring Level 3 standard by Jackie Jenks OBE, who is recognised as a leader in the field.

Now these professional mentors are buzzing about the opportunity to put their new-found skills into practice and help our members.

Who can apply to be mentored?

The answer is any member of APMP UK, regardless of your seniority, role, employment status or reason for requesting mentoring. We can assure you that confidentiality is paramount and a part of our Code of Conduct. No one is too senior or too junior to be mentored. The benefit of mentoring is not just for the mentee; their increased confidence leads to increased engagement and increased productivity. It really is a win-win-win that benefits our profession as a whole.

Here to support you achieve

One of the biggest lessons learnt by our mentors, is that they are not there to direct, coach or advise. In simple terms, the mentor is there to support the mentee to achieve what they want to achieve, they are not there to solve their issues. Although the mentors come from the bid and proposal community, they are not acting as subject matter or industry experts. If an expert is considered beneficial they will signpost the mentee in the direction of an appropriate specialist.

Limited number of places - get your application in now!

As this is the start of the programme, we have a limited number of places for people requesting mentoring, so please put your application in as soon as possible. Just like a bid, we will be evaluating your application carefully to assess suitability, priority and to assign you to the most appropriate mentor with whom you can build rapport. The application form is on the website here.

We look forward to our profession reaping the huge rewards that the APMP UK Rapport Mentoring programme offers.

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