The history of apprenticeships in the UK goes back to the Middle Ages. One of the first documents attempting to set out the terms and conditions for training was an Elizabethan Statute in 1563. By the late nineteenth century, the scope of apprenticeships had spread from traditional trades such as construction and printing to encompass emerging sectors such as engineering and shipbuilding. Apprenticeships today provide more choice for young people in a professional capacity as well as sitting across the manual trades and more young people are taking the apprenticeship route.
399 people managers (83%) said they would consider hiring apprentices in the future.
2015 Salary Survey

In the last parliament more than 2.3 million apprenticeships were delivered in the UK and the government is committed to delivering 3 million more apprenticeships by 2020. On 22 July 2015 the Skills Minister, Nick Boles MP, announced that the government has approved 26 new Trailblazer groups to develop new apprenticeship standards. One of those groups, led by Amanda Nuttall, APMPUK Director of Apprenticeships, has received approval to commence the design of an apprenticeship for the role of a bid and proposal co-ordinator. The Trailblazer group consists of 10 APMP members representing employers across a range of sectors.

This is excellent news and will help us in our mission to encourage new talent to join our profession.

Having been given approval to proceed work is now underway to develop the standards and submit them to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) before the end of this year. There are then two more approval gateways to get through, including a consultation phase, before the bid and proposal apprenticeship is formally in place.