What if I Fail?

What happens if you fail?

You have two options if you fail the examination;
  • Retake the examination after six months
  • Appeal your result with APMP
Appeals Process - If you believe that your result at any stage of the programme was unfair, or that you were disadvantaged in some way, you may submit an appeal to APMP. You may also appeal to the APMP Group if the appeal is based on the technology for the APMP Foundation level examination.



You may appeal on the basis that a question was poor. This does not mean that your appeal will be successful in changing the result of your examination. You may well have a poor score against the remaining questions, or other areas of the programme stage. You must submit an appeal in writing within one month of the result.
If your appeal is associated with the performance of the examination website, we will investigate whether the cause of the problem was with your computer or the server. Server problems will result in a successful appeal and we will arrange for you to retake the examination. Problems with your computer are generally beyond the scope of support of the APMP Group and, although they may provide advice about your computer’s configuration, your appeal may not be successful.

Practitioner and Professional

You must submit an appeal in writing within three months of the result, with reasoned arguments against the feedback provided by the Assessor.


The APM-G provides telephone support on 01494 452450 for administration and technical queries during normal UK office hours (9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., Mondays to Fridays). They expect to be able to resolve administration or technical enquiries within four hours.