Eve Upton


Did you know that saying “So what?” is actually a critical analytical skill in bidding? As soon as I found this out, I knew it was the career for me. Now I have over nineteen years of experience across multiple industries, geographies, and scales of business.

At BidCraft I help companies get better at bidding - be that through working out the best strategy to beat the competition in capture, providing independent reviews to continually hone a proposal or presentation, training the team, or getting stuck in to improving their capability in a targeted way. I’m constantly practicing my negotiation skills through attempts to persuade Jon to change the company name to ‘WitchCraft’. Do help my cause with multiple suggestions through the ‘get in touch’ form below. Please.

APMP is a relatively new world for me. I presented at the first UK conference I attended, which was a blast, and continue to do so because presenting to my peers keeps me on my toes to produce something new and challenging each time. The community and shared therapy of the network hooked me immediately, and now I am proud to be the Finance Director. I want to contribute to the development of our profession any way I can.

I have a degree in Psychology from Leeds Uni, so yes, I do know what you are thinking...

I want to bring out the best in people. My focus is to balance encouragement and challenge with those I work with, hoping to give them the confidence and capability to succeed.

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