Jon Darby


It’s the competitive nature of bidding that got me hooked. That was over twenty years ago. Since then – through the joy of winning and pain of losing – I’ve come to realise that winning business is an art.

Despite all the best practices, methodologies, and clever tools out there, it never seems to get any easier. Uncertainty, time-pressure, and competitors all add to the excitement. At BidCraft I help companies be the best bidding version of themselves. I love working with them to find ways to better themselves, introduce new techniques, adapt what they have, and simplify how they do things.


I take huge pride in giving something back to the bidding profession and making it a valued career of choice. This is what led to me serving on the board of APMP UK for seven years as their Marketing Director, Vice Chair, Chapter Chair and now as the Annual Awards Director. I'm also an APMP certified professional – one of c.150 people worldwide to hold this highest level of certification.

So, what does this all mean to you? It means that I’m at the forefront of the bidding profession. It demonstrates that I have the expertise to make you more successful at winning business. And it proves that I have the experience to get the best out of your bidding operations. Did I mention I like winning?

Mentoring will give me the opportunity to give something back to the profession and help people achieve their goals.

APMPUK: Company Registration Number. 11800662
VAT REG. No. 315 5463 13
DUNS number. 224682499

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