We understand that training budgets can be squeezed, which is why we work hard to keep the price of attending extremely competitive compared to a traditional training course. To help you articulate the value and impact that attending the APMP conference will have to your career development and your company's performance, we have created the following resources.

Pre-Conference Justification Documents

Prior to the conference, you are likely to have to provide a business case to convince your manager to invest professional development funds in your attendance at the conference. The cost of attendance consists of the conference registration fee, travel expenses and time-away-from-work costs. We provide document templates that you can use to achieve this.

ROI (Return on Investment)

How much would it cost for you not to attend the conference? Learn how to justify your professional development costs, and how you could actually save money through your conference attendance.

Customisable Letter to your Manager

Customise this letter and provide a detailed explanation of the education you'll receive at our 2018 Annual Conference.

Post-Conference Reporting

The value in attending lies in how you implement the key learning points into your day job. One technique to use is a conference report that serves as a checklist for yourself or provides information

Examples of information that may be included in the report are:

  • General conference information
  • Presentation, panel and workshop summaries
  • General session summaries
  • Networking summaries
  • Pre-conference workshop summaries
  • Information about products gathered from conversations with vendors
  • Ideas to be used upon returning from the conference

Many attendees work on their conference reports while at the conference or during travel back home. This is when the information is fresh in mind, making it much easier to write. Some attendees return home and put together a presentation for their teammates to summarise key information from the conference.