Announcing the APMP UK Help Centre

We’re all happier when we can find answers to our questions… quickly! The APMP UK Help Centre puts an ever-expanding repository of association and chapter-related frequently asked questions at your fingertips. And if you can’t find the answer, the APMP UK Help Centre enables you to submit your question to the right APMP UK team member in seconds.
Search the knowledge base
The knowledge base contains dozens of answers to commonly asked questions. This specially curated and catalogued content is available 24x7, via online and mobile. It’s context-aware, too... meaning as you type a question, browse for content, or focus on specific topics, you’ll be presented with related and rated content.
Submit a question
You can categorise (membership, certification, webinar, etc.) and prioritise (“Just FYI” to “Nothing urgent I can wait” to “I am stuck and need assistance”) your question for submission. This ensures that all members receive the best service possible, based on need, and mindful of the fact that APMP UK is a 100% volunteer-led and operated organisation.

Where can i find the help centre

  • From the APMP UK website “HELP” menu
  • Using the “?” mobile widget
  • Search and browse the knowledgebase here
  • Submit a question here

What happened to email support?

We no longer provide support via support @ The most efficient and effective way to get help is to use the APMP UK Help Centre.

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