APMP Board Votes to Establish the Charlie Divine APMP Certification Scholarship

(Washington, DC) — May 31, 2018 – The APMP Board of Directors voted earlier this month at its Bid & Proposal Con show in San Diego, CA to establish the Charlie Divine APMP Certification Scholarship program to benefits dozens of potential APMP certification participants annually. The program is designed to recognize Mr. Divine, in perpetuity, who has made a career out of promoting professional development for bid and proposal professionals globally.

“Charlie Divine is a legend in our industry and has contributed more to APMP certification and membership than anyone we know,” said Jamie Ninneman, CF. APMP and Chair of the Board of Directors. “This scholarship will benefit both new and existing people in the industry who want to further commit to the professional growth through APMP certification – something that Charlie has championed for decades,” he said.

The Charlie Divine APMP Certification Scholarship program will be held annually and encourage anyone from any chapter to apply for an APMP certification scholarship. Participants will be required to tell why they want or need the scholarship and the entries will be judged by a panel to determine one scholarship recipient from each chapter. Candidates who win the scholarship will have the opportunity to receive it onstage from Charlie Divine at APMP’s Bid & Proposal Con 2019 in Orlando, FL.

“For the last 14 years, Charlie has been working with professionals in our industry to help them grow in their profession, earn more money in their chosen field and better their professional lives through APMP certification, said Rick Harris, CF. APMP and APMP’s executive director. “We can’t wait to launch this scholarship program to continue and celebrate the tremendous work that Charlie has done,” he said.

Mr. Divine will work with APMP’s Board of Directors to establish the scholarship’s award criteria and the scholarship program will start taking applications launch in the fall of 2018. The first recipients will be announced at Bid & Proposal Con 2019 in Orlando, Fl.

Any APMP member in good-standing is eligible for the certification scholarship throug their chapter. Only one application will be received per member and the certification must be used within one year of the time that it is awarded. The goal of the Charlie  Divine APMP Certification Scholarship is to give every member in every APMP chapter a chance to pursue Foundation, Practitioner or Professional certification by the scholarship.

APMP will award one scholarship for every active APMP chapter annually. There is a potential for 27 scholarships in 2019. APMP will promote the scholarship and the criteria this fall and will select winners in early 2019. For more information about the Charlie Divine APMP Certification Scholarship should contact Rick Harris at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +1-240-308-0143.

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