Knowledge Drop for SME's

This Knowledge Drop provides an overview of the Procurement Act 2023, targeted at suppliers into UK public, utilities and defence sectors. It highlights the changes that the Procurement Act 2023 brings to make it simpler and more flexible than the previous legislation which can cause organisations to need to change how they do business with UK government, utilities and defence. As a devolved issue, it is worth noting that the Scottish Government will continue to have its own legislation.

Knowledge drops for SMEs

The core information in the SME knowledge drop is similar to that of the supplier knowledge drop, with a nuanced focus on the benefits to SME organisations, covering:

  • The main changes under the new Procurement Act
  • The measures that may benefit how you do business with the public sector
  • The introduction of new, more flexible procedures
  • How the Act enables you to demonstrate your capabilities
  • The increased opportunities for negotiation, engagement and innovation
  • The new central digital platform
  • Your obligations under the new rules as a supplier
  • The key actions you may need to take and consider to prepare for the changes

The SME knowledge drops highlight the new duty for contracting authorities to have regard to SME participation and to reduce the barriers they may face. This includes:

  • Addressing challenges
  • Ensuring requirements are proportionate
  • Consider procurements from SME perspective
  • Diverse representation in pre-market engagements
  • Tender response times are realistic.
  • Navigate

Knowledge Drop for Suppliers

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