Bid and Proposal Co-Ordinator (Level 3)

What is it?

APMPUK supported the development of the Bid and Proposal Co-Ordinator apprenticeship which focuses on the entry level skills into our profession. The UK scheme is open to anyone who is: 

  • 16 years or older 

  • not in full-time education 

  • living in England 

At the end of the 2 years and successful end point assessment, the individual will have a Level 3 qualification - equal to an A level. 

This scheme is active in England only, if you don’t live in England, separate schemes operation in ScotlandWales, and Northern Ireland and you will need to enquire about their plans for eqivalent schemes.

Employer Help

Considering offering a Bid Proposal & Coordinator Apprenticeship? The government has an easy to understand guide to the benefits. Click here for full details. Benefits include:

  • Offer on-the-job training in a safe working environment
  • Building a culture of learning and development
  • Enjoying higher staff retention and morale
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Specifically for the Bid & Proposal Coordinator Apprentice role  it supports new business through the full end to end proposal process – from initial interest and co-ordinating activities around pursuit of an opportunity, co-ordination of responses to pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQ), if applicable, and final tender proposal documentation submission.

The role involves providing support to all affiliated functions to assist the quality and timely completion of proposal submissions – including organising meetings, structuring and writing proposal content, coordinating relevant activities and document management. This role extends to a range of related commercial activity such as sector analysis, trend analysis, engaging in contract law, and developing strategies to win business for a variety of goods and services.

Training is an essential part of an apprenticeship. Apprentices receive regular training to help them gain the knowledge and skills they need to have a successful career. This training will account for 20% of the working week and can include: 

  • Attending a college, university or training centre 

  • Undertaking online courses 
  • Studying by themselves
  • Working with a workplace mentor 

The government (through the apprenticeship levy) funds the training up to £8,000, which includes the end point assessment

Considering taking up an Apprenticeship?

The Bid& Proposal Coordinator Apprenticeship focuses on building skills in:

  • Bid process

  • Proposal development
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Organisation and planning
  • Writing and editorial
  • Communications
Plus development of commercial capability, vital to businesses and valued across all sectors.

At the end of the 2 year training there will be an end point assessment to determine final grade, check out the guide

Apprentice guide to assessment - GOV.UK (

While studying apprentices can qualify for the student membership of APMP, at a significantly reduced rate, click here to find out more.  Having the membership gives the learner access to the industry best practice through the body of knowledge, networking with professionals, APMP TV, webinars and events.

Get Started

Where to find out more?

Want to get started, check out our APMPUK Bid and Proposal Coordinator factsheet

Approved Trainers

There are currently 3 that support the Bid and Proposal Co-Ordinator Apprenticeship offering differing options for learning, click on their profiles below (as stated on the government apprenticeship website)

  • Sophie Large
    Bid Executive, Cundall

    I think more young people who are unsure of their further education and career ambitions need to be told that if you are someone who works best from learning from experienced people around you and have a strong work ethic, then an apprenticeship could be the better option for you”.

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