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Rachel Lewis

Developing a career framework for bidding

In a competitive world, we all need to attract the highest calibre people to the bidding profession and provide a path for development. This interactive session explores a bidding career framework.

Takeaway: Plan the things you are going to do to help raise the professional skills in bidding, individually and perhaps collectively?
David Gray

The Secret Diary of a Bid Doctor!

Challenges, solutions and case studies from a multi-sector bid expert working across a broad range of technical specialisms, helping organisations improve their bids and their chances of success.

Takeaway: How to quickly get behind a complex technical solution to map out a bid winning strategy, including the identification of win themes, value propositions, differentiators, USPs and added value.
Peter Sharpe

Managing a virtual bid team successfully

On any bid, people are the most important asset. How do you make them feel like they're in the same room, even if they're 500 miles apart?

Takeaway: After this talk, you will have an insight into both the challenges and solutions for managing a virtual bid team including practical, cost-effective methods for successful team working.

Who wants to be a Bid Manager?

Bid teams must bridge the gap between bidding and the field to enhance the bid process, improve win rates, ensure effective development across key business functions and maximise time and cost savings

Takeaway: Practical steps and activities that can help you transition your bid team from an admin function to one that is collaborative and commercially aware.
Lloyd Johnson

Bidding Saved My Life

Anxiety is often misunderstood. People regularly confuse it with stress, nervousness, or depression, but it's something very different. I want to share my story, remove the stigma and help others.

Takeaway: Ability to cope with anxiety and empathise with others through shared experiences. Practical advice on getting help, with a positive message about what can be achieved with the right support.
Baskar Sundaram

Win Business using Bullet Points

There's an art in creating bullets in your proposals How can you be persuasive without resorting to hype? How to build curiosity, desire and drive action from your prospective clients ?

Takeaway: I'll walk you through a 7-step process for writing business winning bullets that will take your proposal from good enough to oh-wow - regardless of your voice, style, or industry.
Lucy Davis

Mind does matter if you want to win

Look at the difference between bidding in a stressful environment which is demoralising vs. a pressurised one which is intense, creative and exciting?

Takeaway: Be willing to accept that stress in a bidding environment can negatively impact our win rates. Ideas on how to reduce stress to improve win rates and ensure our bids are pressurised but not stressful.
Eve Upton

Blood on the walls - dealing with reality

There's a gap between the theory we learn and the reality we experience. What makes a master of the arts of bidding is an ability to survive when there is blood on the walls and a looming deadline.

Takeaway: Be ready for anything, because you know it's coming - with resilience, agility, and a few tricks from a film master in the art of fixing. There may be war stories. And swearing (Certificate 18...)
Pamela Williams

Please excuse my mind

You shouldn't need to wait for a major life event to start thinking differently about our work life balance. But when it does happen, we should make the most of it and search for the positive within.

Takeaway: Managing your wellbeing and learn coping strategies for some of life (bids) might throw at you. Making connections for your own benefit, not just for your business.

40 to 1

40 essential skills to get to number 1 position in a bid, brought to life through practical career tips and team tactics. A fresh perspective from 3 bid masterminds from the APMP 40 under 40 in 2018.

Takeaway: Skills and ideas to get you to the front of the race, ways of closing the skills gap individually and as team. New approaches and ideas for bidding will be brought to life through their stories.
Angela Fraser

Pursuit Excellence - Grace Under Pressure

It is vital to manage the stresses on the individual and team and diffuse escalating stress levels - how do we focus our recruitment and growing people best suited to the resilience profile needed?

Takeaway: Plan of things you are going to do to help protect people in bidding by equipping them with the skills, education and support to handle the stress and adversity of bidding with resilience.
Dave Keep

The Sales / Bid Gap - A Salesman's view

"What Gap?" The presentation provides 10 pointers on creating a harmonious, integrated sales and bid team.

Takeaway: Leadership of campaign and bid teams operating in complex environments.
Alex King

Hard Facts about Fuzzy Problems

Discussion about how best to lead teams, communicate with stakeholders and recruit are often relegated to the level of opinion. This talk highlights research findings that inject fact into the debate.

Takeaway: Participants will learn some hard facts about what does and does not work. They will be able to distinguish good and bad frameworks for tackling these problems.
Graham Ablett

Buyer's Views of Bidders

By sharing the findings of our latest views of buyers research, we'll give attendees an accurate and current view on what buyers really think of their interactions during their procurement processes.

Takeaway: Participants will take away: - More insights on what buyers really think and expect - A view on what to expect in future interactions with buyers - Tactics to win more business
Tony Birch

Developing People isn't just about Training

This talk will provide you with the know-how & tools to allow you to understand your team's individual/team's skills, as well as their personalities. Then know how to develop them appropriately.

Takeaway: A proven approach to supporting the development of individuals and teams in the way that is most appropriate to them.
Nicola Coffield

Hacks and Hints for Great Design

You've written an amazing bid and need to make it shine with great design. This session shares insights into how to hack your way to beautiful bids, with or without a proposal designer.

  • Aims and principles of great proposal design
  • Achieving the best outcomes with limited time and resources
  • Practical tips to create beautiful documents

Textbook vs Reality - What's the gap?

Focusing on people skills and the challenges we encounter; an interactive workshop to find the balance between what we know to be bidding best practice and what is really needed to get the job done.

Takeaway: Insight from speakers and attendees into what we know works well; how to push back to get the job done, manage up where needed and move the team forward together when compromise needs be achieved.
Andrew Hickey

Bidding, the Art of Seduction

Bridging the gap between Sales and Bids, this talk arms bid professionals with tools to drive the sales teams to more effective pre-sales engagement leading to more productive bidding.

1) Capture planning - what do we need to know and how can we get it.
2) Influencing - what can we do to build a bond.
3) Bid qualification - How can we make the best go no/go decision.
Tony Corrigan

What do Bidders want?

The gap between perceived and actual RFP requirements causes proposals to unnecessarily fail. This talk will share strategies that have successfully bridged the gap deliver winning proposals.

Takeaway: Bidders will learn how to recognise and remediate differences in perception between what buyers actually need as opposed to what they ask for.
Gillian Dionne

Bridging the Data to Knowledge Gap

Successful companies capture data and transform into knowledge. You don't need to be big to profit from a knowledge management system. All you need is data and a road map. This session provides both.

Takeaway: A KM roadmap that can be implemented in any company: identify and capture data; build relationships; find technologies to support.
Sarah Hinchliffe

Once upon a time...Happily ever after

Let's fill in the gap with a little storytelling help from the masters of the movies.

Takeaway: Step away from this session inspired to weave a better story into your next proposal.
Rachael Cunningham

The Leadership Gap between You and Winning

Bid Leaders need a specific skill to lead a winning team: persuasive communication

Takeaway: Identification of seven personality archetypes and their corresponding gap, and how this can be harnessed to promote work winning
Pippa Birch

All by Myself: The Joys of Working from Home

This interactive session will explore the challenges of working from home and provide practical advice to help you to be happy, healthy and productive.

Takeaway: Useful tips and inspiration for working from home successfully and healthily, plus a little gift to help.
Mike Fernott

Has Anybody Seen My Elephant?

Last year, 6,600 people in the UK alone decided that life wasn't worth living any more. Make sure you're arming yourself with the tools to avoid mental health meltdown, in our pressure-cooker of a world.

Takeaway: A greater understanding of how to manage your mental and physical health in a high-pressured world, both at work and at home.
Mairi Morrison

RFP Survival Strategies

Strategies for coping with multiple RFP workloads in and outside the workplace: How to remain sane in times of pressure.

  • Organising your mind to cope.
  • Mindset strategies to deal with stress.
  • Organisational skills.
  • Achieving work/life balance.
  • Mindset coaching tips.
Graeme Robson

Mind the gap between you and the competition

Identifying changes and responding to them quickly and more effectively than your competitors. Sharing some of the new approaches that buyers are using.

  • Identify changes and respond to them quickly and more effectively than your competitors.
  • Learn new approaches buyers are using.
  • Identify areas where you leave precious marks on the table.
David Warley

Crikey! Somebody nicked my title.

Don’t forget the User! Engage with and understand your stakeholders to bridge the gaps between the User’s vision, the written requirements, the solution and your offer.

  • Stakeholder engagement approaches.
  • Strategy Validation Tools and techniques
  • How to link features and uses to benefits
  • How users appraise options and business cases
Manuela Doutel-Haghighi

Authentic Partnerships

This interactive talk will aim at reflecting and debating with the audience on the different phases of a client supplier partnership. Like any personal relationship, the key to its success is based on trust and straightforwardness.

Takeaway:Teaming: how to build and lead an authentic and passionate team with experience in challenging bids, sales, transformation and challenging delivery to provide the best experience for a client.