• What is the benefit to me/my company of me achieving professional status?
    Most companies invest in the development of their staff, recognizing that this provides future benefits to the company. By sponsoring you to achieve accreditation, your company will demonstrate to you, and other business professionals in your company, that it recognizes the proposals related discipline as professional. The company will show it is committed to investing in its people. APMP is the only independent, international organization promoting the professionalism of those involved in winning business with proposals. If your company will not invest in your future in this way, you should invest in your own future, yourself. We are checking currently whether or not you can offset the fee against your personal tax
  • What does the exam test?
    The APMP-Foundation level examination tests your knowledge and understanding of bids and proposals development. The questions are designed to test the capabilities defined in the APMP Examination Syllabus document, available from the examination website.
  • What is the exam like?
    The examination must be completed in one hour. After one hour you will be timed out. It consists of 75 multiple choice questions. To qualify for the APMP-Foundation level, you must have answered 42 or more questions correctly. If you would like to try the sample exam (free of charge) which gives you 10 minutes to answer 7 questions, please click the link to the exam web page and then click on the Sample Online Exam link on that page.