APMP offers the world’s first, best and only industry-recognised certification program for professionals working in a bid and proposal environment. APMP certification is the global standard for developing and demonstrating proposal management competency. Achieving APMP certification:

  • Demonstrates a personal commitment to a career and profession
  • Improves business development capabilities
  • Creates a focus on best team practices
  • Gains the respect and credibility of peers, clients and organisational leaders and, in some cases, additional compensation
  • Reinforces bid/proposal management as an important role within an organisation and not as an ad hoc function that anyone can perform

APMP Foundation Certification serves as the base to demonstrate extensive knowledge and understanding of more than 20 early career competencies.

APMP Foundation Certification Delivers

  • Proof that bid managers have a knowledge and understanding of the correct bid and proposal best practices
  • Evidence that an organisation’s bid team is more qualified than that of competitors
  • Independent validation of knowledge and a hiring baseline

APMP Foundation Certification is assessed via a challenging one-hour, open-book, multiple-choice, 75-question pass/fail exam. Exam preparation is determined by level of experience, knowledge of best practices, and participation in training courses. APMP offers in-person training courses, printed study guides, and online resources as aids to help prepare for the APMP Foundation Level Certification exam. Candidates for APMP Foundation Certification should prepare for the exam using the APMP Foundation Study Guide and the APMP Glossary of terms. APMP Approved Training Organisations offer in-person and online training courses.

APMP Practitioner Certification is for experienced proposal professionals with three or more years in the profession. APMP Practitioner Certification validates real-world mastery of more than 30 mid-career competencies and the ability to lead others in their use.

APMP Practitioner Certification Delivers

  • Independent proof that bid managers have a proven track record of leading others using bid and proposal best practices
  • Evidence that an organisation’s bid team is more qualified than competitors

APMP Practitioner Certification is assessed via the 35-question Proposal Practitioner Assessment Questionnaire (PPAQ), which provides objective evidence from professional experience to substantiate a Practitioner Level application. A certified assessor evaluates the PPAQ against the Practitioner Standards and Guidelines then performs a check of the evidence and references.

APMP Practitioner Certification Candidates Must

  • Be a current APMP member who has achieved APMP Foundation Level status
  • Provide a reference who can verify experience and support a random check of the evidence supplied in the PPAQ
  • Have at least three years’ experience in a bid and proposal environment
  • Prepare and submit the online PPAQ, providing evidence to substantiate experience leading with best practices

APMP Professional Certification demonstrates superior leadership and communications skills by professionals who have proven sustainable customer interaction, proposal and bid management experience, and individual or organisational development and have improved proposal processes or infrastructure, delivering a quantifiable gain to an organisation or the industry.

APMP Professional Certification Delivers

  • Proof of advocacy for best practices through leadership and significant professional impact

APMP Professional Certification includes a personal interview in which candidates defend their impact to a panel of assessors who evaluate communications skills against prescribed standards. APMP Professional certified representatives are eligible to serve as mentors to industry peers who are beginning their own path to APMP Certification.