Benefits to Individuals  

The benefits for individuals of being recognised under the APMP Certification programme include:

Career Progress - individuals with APMP Certification will become more valuable to employers:

  • Proves ability and impact as a bid and proposal professional.
  • Acquires and applies proven best practices.
  • Demonstrates a personal commitment to learn and develop.

Not everyone has what it takes to achieve APMP Certification and differentiate themselves from other bid and proposal professionals:

  • APMP certified bid and proposal professionals are still a small percentage of the proposal management population
  • Those achieving APMP Certification have a current, proven and independently assessed record of proposal management
  • No other scheme offers such tangible proof of impact

Gain professional respect and credibility - APMP certified bid and proposal professionals have equal standing with professionals in other professions and include:

  • Demonstrating commitment to reviewing and improving skills and performance
  • Move internally throughout organisation’s and externally throughout industries, with recognised skills and credentials

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Benefits to Organisations  

The BD-Institute conducted an industry benchmarking study, in conjunction with the APMP. The results of the study clearly show that organisations that employ “appropriately competent professionals” in proposal management roles tend to win significantly more business than those who do not.

Furthermore, today's business climate requires you to hire proficient and productive Proposal Managers both from within and without your organisation.

As this demand intensifies, “Accreditation” and “Competency Assessment” have evolved to help organisations with their resource decisions. APMP accreditation encourages proposal managers to focus on their competencies in the following areas:

  • Information research & management
  • Planning
  • Development
  • Management
  • Sales orientation
  • Behaviour and attitude

This therefore makes a difference to the organisation by winning more business that fits the customer’s needs as well as the business objectives. APMP accreditation assesses the tangible impact made by individual proposal managers. Companies can directly benefit from their employees being accredited by the APMP as the Accreditation Program has been designed to ensure that it:

  • Encourages retention of staff
  • Supports competency based recruitment and promotion of staff
  • Supports organisational initiatives such as IIP (Investors in People)
  • Identifies performers
  • Improves performance