Career Clinic

Whether it be advice on taking that next step, or finding a new job after redundancy, the APMP UK Career Clinic is a space for members to help members find their next opportunity.

Self-employment Support

As part of APMP UK's commitment to supporting our members at all stages of their career, we're hosting a workshop covering all aspects of self-employment. This is professionally delivered, and will cover the realities of self-employment including the benefits and implications, company structures, invoicing, regulation, umbrella companies, behaviour adjusting, and more. If you are interested, apply here.

Redundancy Reboot

The COVID-19 crisis has increased the rate and depth of redundancies amongst the APMP UK membership. This is distressing for both those directly involved and anyone who considers they could be under threat.

To support our members, APMP UK offers an integrated programme of professional and voluntary peer-to-peer support. We hope this goes a small way to helping. Services offered through the APMP UK Career Clinic:

  • Redundancy coaching: a one hour, one-to-one session from a professional career coach to help with reflection and thinking, to draw conclusions, and identify a preferred direction of travel.
  • Online resources: self-directed exploration of online resources to help gain self-awareness and potentially identify areas for development. Available for 12 months.
  • Group training sessions: small, three hour group sessions on:
    • Redundancy support: covering support and guidance on subjects such as interview preparation, CVs, social profile support, managing communications, universal credit, payment holidays, navigating the job centre, etc.
    • Self-employment options: covering understanding the benefits and implications of going self-employed, company structures, invoicing, regulation, umbrella companies, behaviour adjusting, etc.
    • Mental health and wellbeing: looking at recognising mental health, triggers, support techniques, lifestyle practices, peer groups, wider support, etc.
  • Future workstreams for peer to peer sharing where we will be asking for your help – to be announced.

As an APMP member, we would really appreciate if you could pay it forward and share any insights and tips in the APMP UK member community.

Member Eligibility for Redundancy Reboot Support

Sadly, we cannot support everyone.  Redundancy Reboot support is restricted to APMP UK members in good standing, on a first come first served basis, to those who have become unemployed through compulsory redundancy or are facing redundancy.

Important Information

We realise this is a sensitive subject, but we will ask you for some evidence of redundancy, impending redundancy, or furlough to ensure we are supporting those in most need. Please don’t be offended by this, and we understand if you need to blank out any details other than your name, the date of redundancy, and the company.

We will collect your data during the Redundancy Reboot process in order to provide the services. See the APMP UK privacy policy.  Your data will be shared with APMP UK’s service providers. APMP UK accepts no liability for the advice given or the decisions you make on this subject, or anything relating to this programme.

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